The Tribe of the Nani Ba Zhu

Since 1929, Camp Edwards has maintained a program that attempts to build strong character and success of our campers. The first member of the Tribe of the Nani Ba Zhu (NBZ) was initiated in 1933 after completing five years of summer camp and receiving their Honors. Now, thousands of campers have earned their Senior Master Camper neckerchief and have been inducted into the NBZ.

Nani Ba Zhu members have been instrumental in support of the Honors program both financially and through a historical perspective, ensuring program continuity. Senior Master Campers contribute dues to fund the materials used in the Honors program, and although camp facilitates the program, members have fully funded the program from the beginning, lessening the financial burden to camp.

The NBZ meets annually to update members on the program. The Tribe elects officers to oversee the entity, establish new policies, and enjoy each other’s company. With the creation of Facebook, finding friends and connecting with long lost members has become easier. The NBZ manages their Facebook fan page and can be found online by searching Camp Edwards NBZ.

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