Environmental Education

Camp Edwards has run a very successful outdoor education program since 1958. At Edwards we use an experiential education model to teach environmental awareness, social skills, and complimentary lesson plans that apply to school standards and subjects. We use the natural beauty of our local ecosystems as great outdoor classrooms.

Our curriculum combines natural science, team building, and outdoor adventure and can be customized to create a unique program that fits the needs of your students. Our classes meet both Illinois and Wisconsin standards in order to make it easy to pick classes that will support your work in the classroom. We will work with you in order to design a program specifically to fit your goals for your students.

Our instructors are outdoor education professionals. They are required to either have a four year degree or extensive background in outdoor education. They are all positive role models who share a sincere and passionate commitment to educating youth about the environment.

Camp Edwards is a leader in the Environmental Education field and has been helping students to learn and grow in an outdoor setting for 56 years. Staff and teachers have been first-hand witnesses to the difference even a short time at Camp Edwards can make. We would love to work with you in order to provide a great educational experience for your students. I encourage you to contact the camp with questions or come take a tour of Camp Edwards.

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