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What should my child bring to camp?

Packing List

Can my son/daughter bring a cell phone, iPod, or other electronics?

We work hard to guarantee that a wide variety of activities are offered every moment your child is at camp, and there is enough physical and mental stimulation here to render electronic devices unnecessary. This is a great time for your students to disconnect from the digital world and enjoy the moments here at camp.

School policies may vary as to whether the students can bring these items to camp. Many schools will let students travel on the bus with these items, however, it is the school’s discretion on the use of mobile devices. If the school allows mobile devices, we recommend providing a Ziploc bag with your child’s name on it that will fit all of these items. Camp Edwards allows cameras in public areas but check with your school for their policies.

My child takes medications. How will these be dispensed?

It will depend on the age and current setup at school. Your school will usually select someone to dispense medications (usually at mealtimes or at snack just before heading back to the cabins for the evening). We will provide a place to secure the medications and refrigerate them if necessary. Any emergency medication, like inhalers, epinephrine, or similar items should have one that stays with the student and another that is with the rest of the medications.

What sort of food is available at Camp Edwards? Is it good?

The food served will depend on the amount of time that the students are at camp and what meals that the teachers have chosen. We have a full service kitchen staffed with professionals that are dedicated to making great tasting homemade food.

Each meal has a hot option available from the kitchen as well as additional options available in order to make sure that everyone has enough to eat. During breakfast we have oatmeal, cereal, and fruit available. Lunch has soup and fruit available as an option and during dinner there is always a salad bar option.

We can accommodate most dietary restrictions as long as we have enough notice, however, we are unable to accommodate a vegan diet. Please let your teachers know if you have dietary restrictions and see below about allergies.

What if my son/daughter has food allergies?

We are a peanut/tree nut free kitchen. Our kitchen staff will be happy to help with any food allergies that you may have. Please call or e-mail us about the menus and details if your student has any allergies.

Can I call my child while they are at Camp Edwards?

We strongly discourage calling your child to just chat. We have found that these types of calls can cause students to become “homesick” or disconnected from the goals of the program. Part of the focus here is to create some independence for the students, even if it is just one or two nights. Away-from-home experiences foster growth, independence, and self-reliance. If parents call to “check-in” with their children every night, this growth will not occur. Sometimes this growth occurs in the parents as well. However, if you NEED to contact your camper, please call us, and let us know your concerns. We will get you in contact with the lead teacher or school administrator.

We are always available throughout the day, and there is also phone coverage all night. If you have an emergency, please feel free to call anytime. Use the camp number that was provided 262-624-7466. We will also contact you if your child is not feeling well or an emergency here at camp occurs. We will usually have a teacher or administrator from the school contact you since this relationship already exists.

What are the living arrangements for my child?

We have two main lodging areas here at camp. Our cabins host 10 beds and are located just a short walk away from our central bathhouse. Hoffer and Runge Lodge contain more modern accommodations with 8 bedrooms in each lodge that host 4 beds. The lodges each have attached bathrooms, great rooms, and kitchenettes for the schools to use.

Who decides where the students sleep?

After coordinating the trip with a representative from Camp Edwards, a specific area of camp is assigned and the Lead Teacher will assign students to their cabins.

My child has a physical disability/injury, can he/she still participate?

Obviously, parents and students probably know best for this situation. It is our intent to assist the students so the whole class can share the experience together. Please call us to assist you in creating a great experience for your child. We will be able to give you honest and supportive answers to see if we can accommodate your student and assist him/her in participating with the rest of the class.

What if there is an incident/accident? Where is the hospital?

If there is any sort of incident concerning your child, we will contact you as soon as possible. We have a well-stocked infirmary to handle most cuts, bumps, bruises, stings, and other emergencies. Although we do not have a nurse staffed in the infirmary during the school group season, all of the Camp Edwards staff members are trained in first aid/CPR.

There are two AEDs on site, and in case of an emergency requiring advanced medical treatment, the East Troy rescue squad is 1.5 miles down the road and the emergency rooms are 20 minutes to the north and south.

What happens if it rains?

Almost all Camp Edwards’ classes occur outside, rain or shine! It is important that students be prepared and pack accordingly. At the first sign of hazardous weather, we move students to safety. Safety has to be our top priority!

How is Lost and Found Handled?

Lost and Found is collected and presented daily to children. Remaining items are washed and bagged up by week. If not claimed one month after the camp session, items are then donated to a charity. Camp has limited space to warehouse lost and found.

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