Policies for Environmental Education Groups

  • While all program staff is trained at a minimum of Red Cross first-aid and CPR and will provide assistance for medical emergencies, Camp Edwards does not employ a resident medical staff person. School staff is responsible for all student medication brought to camp, and use of the nurse’s station to lock the medication will be provided if requested.
  • Children must have adequate supervision while here at Camp Edwards based on your school’s policy, although pursuant to DHS 175.18 (1), camp must inform you to provide a minimum of 1:10 chaperone (18 or older) to camper ratio.
  • Enter other lodging areas only with permission of the adult chaperone. Camp Edwards is not responsible for any theft, loss, or damage of any personal property.
  • The use of alcohol and illegal drugs is strictly prohibited on Camp Edwards’ property.
  • All vehicles must be parked in designated parking areas only. All fire lanes need to be kept clear of any obstruction.
  • In the event of any damage or defacing of any building or property due to malicious intent or negligence, the school or group will be held responsible for the cost of repairs. A quote for repairs or replacement will be sent to the school with the final billing notice.
  • Quiet Hours are from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. Please be sensitive to the other guests and the residents of Camp Edwards.

Upon arrival, an Edwards staff member will greet your group, and a brief orientation will be held covering our rules. Our core values here at Edwards YMCA Camp are Respect, Responsibility, Caring, and Honesty. The staff member will discuss the basic guidelines of Camp Edwards with the group.

  1. Respect The Camp Environment/Property
    Stay on the trails.
    Pick up trash and encourage others not to litter.
    Do not pick flowers.
    Please respect all critters around camp. This is their home, and we are the visitors.
    Take care of the buildings and property, do not bring food into the cabins, this will attract critters.
  2. Care for Others
    Listen when others are talking.
    When an adult’s hand goes up, everyone should be quiet and listen.
    Encourage each other. No put-downs.
    Stay out of buildings without adult permission.
    Keep out of other people’s rooms, lodges, and possessions.
  3. Be Responsible for Yourself
    Dress appropriately for activities.
    Get enough sleep.
    Be on time.
    Clean up after yourself.
    Stay with your group and an adult.
  4. Be Honest