Summer Staff

Every summer, Camp Edwards hires approximately 50 summer staff members to provide a safe, unique, and fun experience to the 1100 summer resident campers and 200 day campers. With an average camper return rate of 67%, it is no wonder we are able to grow our own staff. Approximately 75% of our summer staff have been campers and have graduated through our leadership programs. This provides us with an amazing group of young adults that we have literally seen grow up before our eyes and provides program continuity and tradition preservation.

We also hire several international staff from English speaking countries to provide a new and fun experience for the campers. Although the campers reap the benefits of being with these great people, the International Staff also benefit from the relationships they build with the campers and each develops a new appreciation for the cultural differences and likenesses found within each other.

Summer Staff Experience

Camp Edwards is located in East Troy, WI. It’s about 35 minutes southwest of Milwaukee, approximately 1 ½ hours from Northern Chicago, IL suburbs, and 1 ½ hours east of Madison, WI. Situated on 130 acres on the shores of Lake Beulah, we are a heavily waterfront based camp, but we also host many other land activities and sports.

Throughout the summer we serve over 1100 resident campers in one and two week sessions, as well as a weekly day camp for the community that serves about 200 campers. You will be instrumental in the lives of our campers ranging in ages from 7-16. Although you will be directly responsible for 8-10 campers in your cabin (w/ a co-cabin leader), we always urge you to think of all of the campers as your campers.

Our Commitment
It is imperative that our staff understand that parents are entrusting us with their most important and favorite thing in the whole world; their children. With that in mind, our commitment is to provide a healthy environment where their children can grow in a safe and welcoming place, free from negativity, stereotypes, and social pressures from the outside world. We are a place where campers develop independence, self-worth, friendships, confidence, and a place to have loads of fun. We cherish our campers and you will receive immeasurable benefits from being HERE for them.

Our Program
We are not a sports or specialty camp; We are a traditional summer camp that provides campers with the opportunity to begin to learn new skills and enjoy new experiences. We praise success and foster failure, always encouraging them to try it again. You will lead or assist in skills that campers choose to participate in, as well as facilitate all camp games, cabin activity time, and camper’s choice. You do not have to be an expert in anything, but you must be willing to learn and be influential in a child’s life.

Staff Requirements
Each year we look for the best staff to provide the campers with an unforgettable experience. We employ staff ranging in ages from 17 (15% of the staff who have graduated our Junior Leader Program) through 27. The staff must be mentally and physically fit to endure the rigors of camp life; Long hours, constant playing, having keen supervision skills, and at times, adapting to adverse and changing weather conditions.

Most importantly, you must be willing to make a difference in a child’s life; to provide support and possess a caring attitude. Our staff never hesitates going above and beyond to help the campers have the time of their lives.

Staff Policies and Time Off
Camp Edwards Staff work hard and we understand the need to rejuvenate and recharge your internal batteries. Staff receives one hour a day off as well as a weekly 9:30-midnight, 5:30-midnight, and a 24 hour period off. We provide staff with time off suggestions and are amazed that many staff hang out around camp to swim, play and enjoy each other’s company during their 24 hour time off. Staff policies are covered during Staff Training and are centered on camp operation, the YMCA core principles, and upstanding moral character.