Honors Program

The Honors program has been a part of Camp Edwards since the camp’s inception. Used as a tool to build character and success in the campers, the program has maintained its intent, although it’s been slightly tweaked throughout the years to stay relevant to the changing times.

Campers are inducted into the program the first day when the program is explained to them and they are given their first neckerchief (green). From that point, the campers can either choose to participate in the program or not. We do not mandate participation but encourage good camp citizenry regardless of their decision.

Campers create goals to achieve in their session that identifies with the next neckerchief color. Sponsored by their cabin leaders, they put into action their goals, and by the end of the week, if they have succeeded and exhibited good behavior, the campers will retire their previous neckerchief color and receive the new neckerchief. After five successful summers of obtaining their Honors, they are inducted into the Tribe of the Nani Ba Zhu and achieve the title of Senior Master Camper.

Whether or not the camper participates, Honors is taken very seriously at camp, and campers not completing their goals or being disciplined for behavioral matters can be denied their Honors. However, the camper can always come back and try again.

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