Leadership Camp

Since the beginning, the Camp Edwards program has focused on the necessity of building strong character and leadership.

In 1929, camp was founded on strict principles of self-improvement, physical fitness, and perseverance. Following the narrative of many YMCA camps at that time, to build strong and fit boys willing to serve their country, Camp Edwards followed many militaristic standards of honor and pride. Besides building leadership was the fun of camp that we love today; swimming, sailing, canoeing, fishing and other outdoor pursuits.

As our history shows, camp had to close from 1943-1947 due to World War II. A significant reason camp closed was the pride men felt to volunteer to fight in the war, leaving camp the inability to find mature, responsible male role models for the campers. As it has been written in our 50th anniversary book, “Many of those men never saw the shores of Lake Beulah again.”

Keeping true to tradition, our leadership programs focus on building determined, thoughtful, resourceful, and caring individuals. As they move through our programs, it is our intention to help them become a respectable, honest, positive, and compassionate leaders as they travel on the road of life.

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