Leader in Training

What is LIT?

The Leaders in Training program, or LIT for short, is a part of the Leadership Development Program at Camp Edwards. The LITs spend two weeks living in Runge Lodge and spend one night on a camp out at a nearby state park. LIT is a prerequisite to registering for the JL, or Junior Leader, Program. Those who are 15 or older, or entering their sophomore year of High School are eligible to enter into the program.

The program incorporates the fun of camp that many come to know and love while mixing it with leadership development and other character building activities. An emphasis is placed on teambuilding, communication, public speaking, and responsibility. The program is two weeks long and there are three sessions of LITs each summer. Throughout the two weeks participants in the program complete a numerous amount of teambuilding activities. These activities are focused on helping the LITs learn and improve on the skills and traits of a leader which are taught through the program. These skills can not only be applied at camp but also in their life outside of camp.